"Seth and his crew are wonderful. We have seen an increase in movement and attitude since hiring BRIDGING THE GAP. Seth is very caring and has a real knack for turning a lousy day into one of smiles and fun. His enthusiasm is unparalleled. He is dedicated, highly competent, and very positive. It is always entertaining to see what car he is driving and the newest color of his toe nails." 

Ed & Teri

"As much as this stroke has affected our lives, the team at BRIDGING THE GAP has helped in allowing both my husband Richard and I a chance to stay apart of the community, which was a concern for us both. I have a deep faith in the continuation of movement. My husband had his stroke before me and I watched first hand as he improved, which in turn allowed me to stay positive and commit to these changes. It is worth the investment because compared to alternative healthcare, this allows you to recapture your life in a way you didn't even think was possible. Especially when in situations like these, you think all hope is lost. Everyone is happier when they are physically tested because we have more gratitude and you realize you aren't alone in this world. It is the sequence of small events that make us better in the end that drive us. This has been one of the better decisions I  have made in my life." 

Kris & Richard 

"We have been working with the BRIDGING THE GAP team for over a year and the improvement is amazing. When my husband knows he gets to see them that day, his entire attitude changes because they truly are so uplifting. It isn't about the money, they care so deeply for their clients it is apparent within the first few sessions. We had a licensed physical therapist working with Kaz and at the end of the day, we saw more improvement and change in his attitude with Seth and team, we ended up sticking with them because of it. They aren't just a babysitter and maybe they don't have all the degrees we so eagerly look for but that shouldn't measure someones abilities. I have seen that first hand. You can't buy heart and the BRIDGING THE GAP team has that." 

Kaz & Farah 

"We met Seth at Saddleback College and he introduced himself and we hired him right away. Seth and my husband John hit it off right away and then we were able to meet the rest of the team and all of them have been wonderful. John had started his garden before his stroke and it was something he wanted to continue to do and never thought he would be able to. This team has allowed worked through ups and downs and the emotion that comes from having gone through a stroke. Now John is back in the garden again. What this team learns from other clients is passed through different homes and because you are constantly learning and growing. Seeing what works and it begins an amazing community of survivors. We are blessed to have found this team." 

John & Linda

"For a long time it felt hopeless in trying to find help for my husband. He continues to suffer from strokes and a lot of the time doesn't want to move from the couch. After working with Seth, he has been wanting to do more things. The swimming therapy has allowed him to sleep better at night and he get's excited knowing Seth is coming over. It has been giving him more discipline with the corrective exercises he has to do when Seth isn't there. He was always saying no to everything until Seth and the BRIDGING THE GAP team came along. I   had been asking God for this blessing for so long and then we met Seth and everything finally started looking up" 

John & Kayne 

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