Corporate Wellness


Recognizing and Appreciating those who help their company to thrive!

Corperate Wellness


Bridging the Gap provides an effective platform for others to feel better and continue to do the work they need to on the daily.

We will help your employees to destress and get the muscle relief or activation they need. By using the Myofascial Device it will allow the patrons to recover from any body pains or aches they may be having. On top the recovery we will also teach them corrective posture and exercises to allow them to continue to work more effectively and safely in the work place for years to come! 

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Employee Appreciation


When we feel good we want to do more and to the best of our abilities. That is exactly what the team from BTG want to help you feel and do!

By allowing us to work with your staff opens the opportunity for higher success and productivity rates in your company, while creating happiness and moral between employees!